Worst IT Nightmare

Pace Technical Services knows that you have an IT Nightmare story that you are just dying to tell!

It’s contest time! The Pace Technical Services team wants to know about your Absolute WORST Technology Nightmare.

  • Did your employee take a sledgehammer to your server?
  • Did a basement flood short out everything in the office?
  • Did malware put dancing goats on every screen in the company for three days?

We think we’ve seen all the scary that business technology has to offer. Can YOUR Nightmare story spook the techs at

We know you’ve got a story to tell!

Tell us Your Story and Get a Chance to Win a Fantastic Prize on October 31st!

What’s the prize? We knew you’d ask!

You could win $500 cash PLUS a FREE Network Security Audit! (Valued at up to $1000)

So, what’s the WORST IT nightmare you’ve ever seen?

Yes, I Have a Frightening IT Nightmare to Tell You About!

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