Why Lawyers Need a Proactive IT Service

Why Lawyers Need a Proactive IT Service

There is a long checklist of things that lawyers need to know and be aware of when it comes to their technology needs. Dealing with technical responsibilities can be extremely overwhelming and it can feel like taking on an entirely new job, especially when you already have a full-time position running your firm. Your priorities are focused on supporting all your clients, working on open cases, and making sure that everyone is happy. Well, that is where PACE comes in since we are going to cover all the IT basics and best practices that a law firm needs, so that you never have to worry. IT headaches can be a thing of the past if you make sure that you implement the following tips at your law firm.

Using cloud services for reliability and convenience

More and more law firms have realized that there are many benefits by moving to the cloud, especially since it can integrate with most software and programs that you are already using. Using the cloud makes your professional life more streamlined and it promotes a more productive work force for your colleagues.

The cloud makes it easy and convenient to share files and documents anytime, anywhere, whether you are at the office or in the courtroom, and it can also be used for tasks such as payroll, billing and even accounting. It is ideal for having everything in a single place, better scalability, redundancy, and resiliency.

If choosing to move to the cloud is what your law firm decides to do, you will need to ensure that it is set up effectively so that all your IT infrastructure is secure. There are a few areas that IT Support for your law firm should cover like ensuring all your major setups are handled and that everything is configured correctly right from the beginning.

Using role-based access control for maximum protection (RBAC)

All your firm’s devices such as its laptops, computers, and tablets should all have a unique identifying code assigned to it, to ensure that only the persons that are supposed to have them, are in their position. Going through this process will also help to control threats that are intentional or not, from insiders and external intruders.

Backups for safety and security

All firms are in possession of highly sensitive legal documents about their cases and clients that are stored digitally and in the cloud.

If there is ever a situation where a data loss occurred causing client information to be lost, this could leave a bad reputation for your firm and your potential future clients. Losing trust in your clients is never something you want to experience at your firm; therefore, it is important to ensure that your data is always safeguarded. Corrupted files are also something you do not want to worry about, so you will need to have a reliable cyber solution to avoid falling victim to cloud cyber threats.

Intrusion detection to prevent cyber disasterss

Regardless of the size of your law firm, you need to be aware of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, since it protects clients from unlawful monitoring of emails.

Client privilege must be always protected during all channels for example email and voice. If a breach occurs, you will need to find out exactly where it came from and how the intruder got access to your systems. A good example to make this analogy clearer is the lock on the front door of your house. If you have a security system installed but someone still manages to break in, you want to have something in place to alert you when it happens, and the same concept applies to cyber intrusion detection. For it to work efficiently, you need both protection and detection and not just one. PACE Technical can help your law firm to determine whether it is vulnerable to cyberthreats like phishing, malware and ransomware.

Here Are The Top 3 IT threats to Law Firms

Cyberthreats costed businesses an estimate of $6 trillion in damages this year according to CPO Magazine. About half of all cyber threats are targeted at SMBs creating a market valued at $300 billion. IT services for law firms are geared to the following main cyber threats.

Bring your own device

Did you know that 69% of IT leaders prefer when employees bring their own devices to the office, since it saves them time and money? This can be problematic since personal devices would have direct access to sensitive client information. If this is the scenario at your firm, a Mobile Device Management app can help to keep tabs on managing cybersecurity so that you do not have to worry about security breaches from BYODs.


One of the latest cyber reports cited that artificial intelligence and IOT are creating more cyber threats like phishing and social engineering. Sensitive data is constantly being leaked, leading to more malpractice suits. Therefore, it is essential to implement comprehensive cyber solutions like anti-malware, dark web monitoring, phishing protection, etc.

Lack of security awareness

One of the biggest threats to any company or law firm is its own lawyers and employees. It is essential that every person in your firm gets adequate, ongoing cyber awareness and training to properly protect themselves and your firm.

Getting rid of outdated system, using public unsecured Wi-Fi networks, and leaving passwords written down on notepads around the office are a few examples that can lead to more exposure to cyber breaches. A proactive IT service will ensure that your firm has the best backups, tools, and user training available in the industry to protect you.

Email security and a reliable VPN is also necessary, otherwise, employees risk compromising data security for the entire firm. Anyone could fall prey to cyber threats that can quickly spread and infect the entire network and other devices. A proactive IT partner will educate your employees on how to identify cyber threats from all sources, so they are your first line of defense instead of your last!


Operating a law firm means that it is critical to ensure that your technology works effectively.

Proactive IT services for law firms help to ensure that your IT infrastructure is updated, secured, and streamline to create a more productive workforce. If you have any questions about IT services for your local GTA law firm, contact us here.

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