Does Your Toronto IT Company Understand the Construction Business?

The desire to be understood is an elemental part of what it is to be human. You want to be understood by your parents, siblings, and loved ones. But when it comes to business, being understood is no longer a want. It is a NEED. If your IT company doesn’t “get” the construction business, then you run the risk of their advice and services slowing you down, and costing you money. What construction company needs to drag the anchor of bad IT when they are in a race for competitive viability?

Let’s face it. There has never been a more competitive construction environment in the Toronto area than there is right now. Dozens of companies are vying for the same projects, and there is little room in the margin for mistakes. Because nearly all of your competitors have access to the same materials, employee pool, and equipment that you do, it is essential that your Toronto-based IT company understand your needs, have your back, and give you a competitive edge.

Here’s a question: Can your IT guy tell you what the difference is between re-bar and a crowbar? It may seem like a small thing, but taking an interest in your business and finding solutions unique to your needs is essential to the success of our company, {company}. We have made the calculated decision to focus on the unique framework, processes, and challenges that make up the construction sector and have taken the time to understand how best to support construction firms just like yours.

What do we know about construction? Well, you wouldn’t want to watch us swing a hammer – it’s not a pretty sight. But we know:

  • That your mobile workforce is at its best when there is a high-level of communication and coordination between the field and the office.
  • That you and your customers require complete cyber-security of your sensitive information and data.
  • That you work on thin margins and need IT support that can be easily budgeted.
  • That you work off of blueprints and require an IT support firm that also is proactive and has a plan.
  • That you have software that you are used to using (like Jonas and Newstar), and you want effective, problem-solving solutions that can work in coordination with the software that you already use and like.
  • That you want to think about getting this job done and getting on to the next one. You don’t have time for IT hassles and headaches.

{company} is process driven. What that means for you is that we are meticulous in our proactive approach to foreseeing potential problems in your network and communication’s management and heading them off before they even appear. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified and supply Fortune 500 IT solutions to small and mid-size construction firms throughout Toronto and the broader GTA. We realize that you are busy, and we are fully aware that you need things done right – the first time, every time. We are here to uncomplicate your IT, so that you can do what you need to do.

What we understand about the construction business is this: Better IT tools = better communication = better organization = better/bigger jobs = bigger profits.

Beyond a competitive edge, budget-friendly IT support, and a healthier bottom line, {company} can reduce your yearly computing/communications issues by 50-75% We’ve proven it with others. That means real savings for you with far less downtime!

To talk with {company} about how we bring exceptional and unique IT support to the construction companies of Toronto, call us at {phone} or send an email to {email}. We are thrilled to partner with construction companies across Toronto and would be happy to answer your questions today.

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