A Security Issue You Don’t Want to Hear About

There are plenty of terrible ways businesses can suffer from data loss; the inevitable failed hard drive, electrical disturbances, human error, viruses, fires, floods, earthquakes – you name it. That’s what backup is for, right? If you are running (and managing) a tape backup system, and keeping the backups off site, what could possibly go wrong? Today we investigate one of the leading causes of data loss. It will shock you.

Asigra did a study with the IT departments of companies who suffered from data loss. They found that 20% said that their business experienced data loss due to lost or stolen tape media.

One out of five instances of data loss was due to either negligence or theft! This is a serious problem with tape backup systems; you want to do your due diligence and back up your company data. You want to prepare yourself for a disaster by storing your archived data off site. Then, when a disaster strikes, you find that the tape is faulty or lost or the last backup taken off site is months old and almost worthless to you. Businesses cannot afford to lose months of data.

How often do you test your backup? Tape isn’t exactly easy to test, it can be time-consuming and labor-intensive just to ensure all of your data is there, but your backup needs to be tested. Your company’s backup is your lifeboat in a disaster, if there are holes or missing pieces in it at all, you are in serious trouble. Plus, what if your pocket-sized tape gets stolen?

Tape backup isn’t the right solution for most businesses. A good backup system is easy to test, fool-proof, quick to restore, and ensures that at all times, your data is backed up, secure, and ready for you in the event of a disaster. Businesses using tape backup solutions are taking so many risks, where affordable disk-to-disk backup and offsite secure data backup solutions are readily available. If your company is using a tape backup system, or worse, no organized, complete backup system at all, please contact PACE Technical Services at 905.763.7896 and ask about our solutions, before its too late.

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