A New Year’s Message & Company Update From Shael Risman

With the 2020 firmly situated in the rear-view mirror where it belongs, I hope you all have your eyes set straight ahead and are ready to take on 2021 with us! 

As per our commitment to timely and effective communications, at this time of year I like to update our valued client base on the goings on here at PACE.  There is a LOT of stuff that happens behind the scenes that we do not always make a big deal about, and this is our chance to get you in the know. 


PACE has always prided itself on staying ahead of a very competitive market, ensuring that our clients have the technology they need to maximize their productivity and surpass Best Practices in every way possible.  To this end, we are happy to announce the appointments of Noman Ahmed as PACE’s first VP of Strategic Technologies, and Jay Da Costa as our new VP of Operations. 

An industry veteran of 20 years in positions that run the gamut of IT Management, Noman is responsible for the overall planning, organizing, and execution of all technology functions at PACE. This includes directing our Client Strategy Team to meet and surpass customer requirements as well as the support and maintenance of existing applications and development of new technical solutions.  

As a certified Project Manager with 20+ years’ experience in BI, Data Analysis, Process Management and Business Analytics, Jay is responsible for ensuring that PACE provides an industry-leading proactive and customer-focused approach to our client’s technology.  Jay focuses on the behind-the-scenes procedures that keep your PACE experience consistent and efficient. 


Over nearly twenty years, PACE has taken client security as one of its highest priorities.  In the past 12 months with the exponential increase in targeted hacking, that commitment has become critical PACE has worked hard researching and upgrading internal external security to exceed industry standards and seriously impact hacker’s ability to get through to our clients.  In 2021, we will be rolling out new and innovative security measures to keep you at least one step ahead of the bad guys. 


In a short 10 months, the collaborative Microsoft Teams has become the fastest growing piece of software in history for obvious reasons.  Thankfully, 84% percent of PACE customers already had Teams implemented and could hit the ground running immediately.  PACE has been on the front lines of implementing and integrating Teams with new and game-changing features like Teams phone systems and Decisions Meeting software.  Ask our Client Strategy Team for details! 


Client referrals are our bread-and butter, and we are thrilled to announce that the past year has been a record breaker when it came to our clients referring new business to us.  Not only is that a true testimonial to the level of confidence our partners have in us, but it also allows PACE to steadily build a knowledge base steeped in like-minded business who value their technology.  It is a win-win for everyone! 

 If you know a business like yours with 20-200 employees that needs a better result in IT, let us know!  If they become a client, we will give you a $4000 credit on your next monthly invoice! 

 That is, it for now – but there is always more coming from PACE! 


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