Proactive Managed IT Services

Finally, All-Inclusive Managed IT Services That Cover Everything!

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Help Desk Support​

Around the clock monitoring, maintenance and remote support via Phone, Email or Online.

IT Strategy

Proactive Strategic Technology Planning uniquely aligned with your long-term business goals.

Security & Standards Alignment​

Proactive system & security checks and alignment to industry standards & best practices.

Enhanced Cybersecurity

Perimeter security and enhanced tools such as SPAM Filters, Phishing Protection, Dark Web Monitoring, Managed Firewall, Managed Endpoint.

New Technologies​

Complete projects like server installs, upgrades, office moves, cloud migration, workstation rollouts, etc

Business Continuity

When and if disaster strikes, your data and applications

are securely backed up and ready to run at an offsite location.


CompleteCare IT

- Around-the-clock monitoring and regular maintenance to detect and resolve issues.
- Responsive remote support via phone or email.
- On-site support from technicians who resolve issues the first time around.
- Enhanced Cybersecurity tools and monitoring.
- Proactive Standards Alignment
- Training included for your staff
- Metrics/Strategy/Insights/Reporting
- A flat-rate monthly fee without hidden costs.

CompleteCare Co-Managed IT

Includes all the benefits our CompleteCare IT, but in a co-managed environment for efficient use of your internal resources, while being cost effective.​
- Support your ln-house IT department​
- Enhanced Cybersecurity tools and monitoring​
- Proactive Standards Alignment​
- Metrics/Strategy/Insights/Reporting​
- A flat-rate monthly fee without hidden costs.

CompleteCare Cloud​

Includes our CompleteCare IT plus:​
- Eliminate the cost and hassle of purchasing/maintaining in-house equipment.​
- Utilize industry-leading technology for the most efficient and reliable access​
- Maintain standards and best practices for a highly secure environment​
- 100% All-Canadian Data centres​
- Microsoft 365​
- Access work files from anywhere on any device


Check list

Proactive Technology Alignment

For proactive alignment to security standards like NIST & CIS Controls, that are scheduled onsite to ensure that your infrastructure is threat proofed, up-to-date and performing optimally.


Proactive Client Strategy Team

For proactive consulting that oversees cyber risk and analyzes key performance metrics to negate cyberthreats. Track all your devices, endpoints, access reports, insights and dashboards.

IT team

Client Success Team

For proactive communications that ensures your technology aligns with your business goals. Leverage our cybersecurity training and awareness tools to ensure your people are educated on cyberthreats all within our industry-leading Client Portal.


Cyber Security Toronto

“We first met PACE a couple of years ago when we were making a vendor change. We ended up choosing a lower priced option that promised us great proactive services. It was a big mistake and cost us a year with nothing but excuses and band-aid fixes. PACE showed their value right from the beginning as the transition was very thorough and almost unnoticeable to our staff with the exception that some nagging issues were finally resolved. Their service has made a positive impact on our business and well worth the additional investment!”


managed it services toronto

“During COVID19, PACE was amazing. A lot of employees needed to get set up for remote access and they were quick to get this accomplished. Any concerns I had were dealt with quickly and the transition was smooth. A special thank you to Reza, who does a lot of our setups. He is always quick, knowledgeable and great to deal with. Thanks PACE!!”


Managed it Toronto

“When I sum up my experience with PACE I usually say “I sleep very well at night because I trust them. They know what they are doing.” Our experience with PACE has been great since day 1. I know that your team has the knowledge to support us, and you are doing it in a friendly and efficient manner. The support provided in the first couple of weeks of the work from home craze was outstanding: the questions and issues raised were addressed and resolved promptly, sometimes faster than under normal circumstances."


Managed services Toronto

"The value that we get from PACE is immeasurable. I’d like to thank Duarte, our Business Advisor, for his help in providing guidance. Before PACE we never had a plan and had to prod our old company for advice or try and figure it out ourselves, and we are not IT people. I feel like I understand what’s going on with our IT now and am seeing the benefit to proactively managing our IT vs just fixing things when they go wrong.”



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PACE offers best-in-class Managed IT Services in Toronto to help keep your IT systems working the way they should – in your favor. We are dedicated to keeping your technology investment up and running smoothly so you can focus on your business. At PACE, we have worked hard to provide Managed IT Support in Toronto establish a network of trusted IT experts so that we can position ourselves as your know-it-all IT managed solutions provider. Being an expert amongst experts means that we can coordinate a quick fix for your IT problem, even if it may be outside of our vertical.

Managed Service Provider: Proactive Vs. Reactive

Proactive Vs. Reactive is the big philosophy of a managed service providers in Toronto. Instead of waiting for your expensive server to break down and leave your employees waiting for the network to be restored, we dedicate time to perform maintenance, patches, and security updates to your IT infrastructure. Your servers and workstations see a lot less downtime with a little regular maintenance, which in turn prevents downtime and expensive repairs. Proper planning and automated IT monitoring tools can help anticipate problems before they bring down your bottom line. Dealing with IT failures before there is an impact on the business means drastically fewer surprise expenses. First and foremost, the managed IT service way of thinking can help your business avoid disruption.

Managed IT Toronto: Flat-Rate Pricing

Ever notice that your technology seems to fail at the worst times, such as right after a big expense or during a big time-sensitive project where every dollar matters? In a world where Murphy’s Law seems more than just an anecdote, a little stability is important, especially for businesses. Managed IT services offer a more predictable approach to IT expenses by greatly reducing the number of failures and doing so at a flat rate that is much easier to budget. All that extra money saved up for those unforeseeable disasters can go to expanding your business forward.

Free up your Employees

When you know a call to your IT provider is going to cost you money, how much time do you waste living with/dealing with/trying to resolve the problem yourself? How much time do employees waste trying to cope with IT issues? What about those mundane time-wasting tasks like rebooting the workstation for Windows updates, keeping anti-virus up to date, and other tasks you do not want to be billed an hourly fee for? Keep your employees doing what you hired them for instead of needlessly chasing down IT issues.

Managed Services Toronto: Business Growth and your IT

PACE Technical Services is not in the business of fixing computers. Sure, we are great at it, but we are in the business of taking a complicated, expensive portion of your day-to-day business and making it work for you. Managed IT services can enable every point of your IT infrastructure from your hardware to your software licenses to your support agreements from other vendors to align with the goals of your business. We can transform your technology from a ‘necessary evil’ to a powerful tool that gives your business the edge and drives your organization forward.

A Closer Relationship with your IT Provider

Companies that only pay us to fix issues do not always expose us to the ticking time-bombs that could be currently in place in their technology infrastructure. When your IT provider has a 360-degree view of your business we can prevent a lot of IT disasters before they cause end-user interruption, missed opportunities, and huge expenses. Our goal is to eliminate these surprise expenses and make your technology work for you so your business can grow.