Finally, A Proactive IT Partner That Law Firms Love​

  • Proactive IT Security to keep your data & reputation safe
  • More IT insight with useful metrics and reporting
  • Collaborate Anytime, Anywhere with cloud solutions
  • IT & Cyber Training for your legal team
  • World-Class Help-Desk Support
  • Proactive Strategy & Guidance
  • An experienced partner working with several other law firms

Finally, All Inclusive Managed IT Services That Cover Everything!

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Finally, Solutions For Forward-Thinking Law Firms​

Managed IT Services​

Our services are designed for firms who truly want to maximize their investment in their technology. We reduce issues, lessen exposure to risks, increase network stability, enhance security and maintain business continuity.


Leverage critical cybersecurity frameworks and best practices to protect your law firm from an ever-evolving threat landscape. 

Cloud Solutions​

Work from the courthouse to the courtroom with reliable Cloud Solutions to access important client data, software, files, and applications. 

Business Intelligence​

Delivering strategic guidance, compliance, consulting and audits to achieve better data visualization, business planning, budgeting and profitability. 


Proactive Process & Management​

Our proactive roles such as our in-house Strategy and Standards Alignment teams work alongside our legal clients to ensure their environments are secure and create custom technology solutions that fit their business needs and technology goals.

User Tools, Training & Resources

Our custom PACE Portal provides complete insight into your firm’s IT infrastructure with real time metrics, dashboards and reports. Leverage cybersecurity resources, guides and training for your staff - all in our innovative, industry-leading Client Portal.

ISO-9001:2015 Certified Solutions

Our commitment to standards and best practices guide our every course of action. This enables us to eliminate risk and avoid areas of blind spots to ensure the best possible level of service and results for your law firm.


Cyber Security Toronto

“We first met PACE a couple of years ago when we were making a vendor change. We ended up choosing a lower priced option that promised us great proactive services. It was a big mistake and cost us a year with nothing but excuses and band-aid fixes. PACE showed their value right from the beginning as the transition was very thorough and almost unnoticeable to our staff with the exception that some nagging issues were finally resolved. Their service has made a positive impact on our business and well worth the additional investment!”


managed it services toronto

“During COVID19, PACE was amazing. A lot of employees needed to get set up for remote access and they were quick to get this accomplished. Any concerns I had were dealt with quickly and the transition was smooth. A special thank you to Reza, who does a lot of our setups. He is always quick, knowledgeable and great to deal with. Thanks PACE!!”


Managed it Toronto

“When I sum up my experience with PACE I usually say “I sleep very well at night because I trust them. They know what they are doing.” Our experience with PACE has been great since day 1. I know that your team has the knowledge to support us, and you are doing it in a friendly and efficient manner. The support provided in the first couple of weeks of the work from home craze was outstanding: the questions and issues raised were addressed and resolved promptly, sometimes faster than under normal circumstances."


Managed services Toronto

"The value that we get from PACE is immeasurable. I’d like to thank Duarte, our Business Advisor, for his help in providing guidance. Before PACE we never had a plan and had to prod our old company for advice or try and figure it out ourselves, and we are not IT people. I feel like I understand what’s going on with our IT now and am seeing the benefit to proactively managing our IT vs just fixing things when they go wrong.”



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