Here’s How to Address Your IT Gaps


All businesses that leverage technology must deal with multiple issues such as cyberthreats, increasing competition and compliance mandates. This is why it is essential to constantly update your technology infrastructure, and why utilizing an IT audit is a great place to start.

A technology audit also referred to as an “IT assessment“, can help you to better understand and identify the gaps in your organization around areas such as security, compliance and backup. 

It can reveal the answers to critical questions like:

  • What are the areas in your technology that are most vulnerable or lacking?
  • Are your current IT processes and tools aligned with your long-term business goals?
  • Are you compliant with mandatory regulations?
  • Do you know what the process and timeline is to get back up and running in the event of a disaster such as a system outage or data breach?
  • Do you have a process to address known and unknown vulnerabilities?

If you are not a technical person, then analyzing the results of an IT assessment can be confusing. The results in most cases can be overwhelming, especially if your business needs a long list of upgrades or projects done. However, with a prioritization process or “the stoplight approach”, you can start addressing some of these pending IT issues in a systematic way. The process helps by categorizing IT gaps from critical to non-urgent. 

RED: Addressing the most critical aspects of your IT that need urgent attention.

You can’t address all your problems all at once, but with a clear understanding of your critical areas, you can start addressing the priorities with a plan of action. If the issue directly affects how your business functions and leaves your infrastructure vulnerable, then it is most likely under the “RED” category. An example is if your company just suffered a ransomware attack, then this would take priority over a project to upgrade Microsoft 365.

Examples of “RED” priorities include:

  • Securing remote environments and users
  • Fixing dysfunctional backups 
  • Getting rid of unauthorized network users (i.e. ex-employees or clients)
  • Documenting critical processes and procedures (i.e. cyber breaches, disasters etc.)


YELLOW: Addressing your secondary IT Gaps

These secondary gaps can be kept at bay while you work on containing more critical issues and getting those under control first. However, you shouldn’t hold off on them indefinitely since you’ll need to include these actionable items into your budget and strategy. Furthermore, by tackling these secondary items, you’ll be one step closer to using your technology more seamlessly.

Examples of “YELLOW” priorities include:

  • Upgrading outdated business applications 
  • Upgrading basic cyber tools to enhanced cyber tools
  • Addressing inadequate MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication)
  • Addressing patching failures


GREEN: Addressing your non-critical IT Gaps 

These lower-priority gaps can be addressed gradually, after fixing all major critical and secondary issues first. Your business would most likely function without getting to them in a hurry but they still should be completed if your budget allows for it.

Examples of “GREEN” priorities include:

  • Cleaning up your server room
  • Upgrading to the latest versions of technical devices

Why You Should Prioritize IT Gaps

If increased productivity, better strategy and more dollars saved is important to your business, then addressing your IT Gaps should concern you. Furthermore, you’ll stay up and running in the event of any business disaster with confidence that your bottom line won’t be affected. Are you ready to address your IT Gaps and vulnerabilities but need some help? PACE Technical can help your business prioritize all the gaps in your technology. Contact us here for a free IT Assessment


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