Enhance Your Technology Experience with Proactive IT

Enhance Your Technology Experience with Proactive IT

There are a lot of business owners who still regard IT as just another line item on their company’s monthly statements like accounting, electricity, cleaning services or rent. However, it is so much more than just another monthly reoccurring expense, it is an absolute business essential, and smart business leaders are finally beginning to view IT that way. Technology is becoming more of an absolute must have than a nice-to-have, and the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us all a vital lesson in disaster planning and business continuity.

Businesses that were not prepared for any the repercussions of 2020 felt the pain of downtime, loss in productivity, and lost wages just to name a few side effects. The truth is, proactive IT helps to eliminate all those things, and can help your business thrive through any disaster or scenario. Many businesses are beginning to wake up to the benefits of investing into their technology, and to prove this trend, Forbes Magazine posted an article about “11 of the Top IT Investments Businesses Will Make In 2021” – most of which included technical projects like Cloud Migration, Automation Tools, Cybersecurity Education, Insider Threat Solutions, and Desktop as a service.


So, What Is Proactive IT and How Does it Enhance Your Experience with Technology?


More Productivity, Less Downtime, Happier End-Users
Proactive IT support is a different type of approach to managing technology for your business mainly based on strategy and prevention. It is also geared towards business growth and success – and so instead of only fixing issues when they arise, your IT support is designed to tackle them before they even become a problem.

Other critical components of Proactive IT include strategy, planning and budgeting for the future of your business. These will help to keep your business on target for growth and expansion, while also keeping expenses predictable so that you avoid overspending on things that you do not need.

Proactive IT also enhances your users experience with technology since it is directly linked to increased productivity. Having reliable end user support when they need it most is also a great bonus. Just imagine experiencing the same IT issues all the time. Proactive IT eliminates reoccurring issues and stops them from even happening in the first place. This gives your employees the time they need to get their jobs done without disruptions getting in the way every single day. Not to mention the amount of time saved from having proactive processes and procedures in place that are developed to make business tasks more streamlined.


Enhanced IT Security Decreases Your Exposure to Cyber Threats

Cybersecurity is synonymous with Proactive IT. Enhanced cybersecurity solutions usually include monitoring tools like Multi-Factor Authentication, Dark Web Monitoring, Phishing Protection, employee training and awareness programs, and good backups that are regularly tested just to name a few. Your business would be less likely to experience a phishing or ransomware attack if these cyber solutions are implemented correctly and managed strategically at your business.

End users are usually the root cause of most cyber threats. When it comes to cybersecurity, it is important that all your users are adequately trained to recognize cyber threats so that they are not vulnerable when put into a situation where they are exposed to one. A proactive service provider would ensure that this is something available to all your users because they know how critical it is. Your employees are always your company’s first line of defense against cyber threats – in addition to enhanced protection tools and monitoring software. We cannot stress enough how important it is to have all these strategies working together for your protection.


Does Your Business Have Reactive or Proactive IT?

You might be thinking that your business is fully covered for all its technology needs, but how do you know that you have a proactive vs. a reactive IT solution? The following questions should help to make that clearer. Are all your business devices like your computers, laptops and printers lagging? Are your users having the same issues happen repeatedly? Are you losing valuable hours every day because of these issues? If any of these sound like what your business experiences daily, then you probably have a reactive IT solution in place.

Reactive IT support also known commonly as the ‘break-fix’ approach is a solution built on tackling issues only when they happen, instead of preventing them from happening in the first place. This type of solution almost always results in an increase in reoccurring issues that end up taking longer to fix, which in turn affects the productivity levels of the users at your business.

To increase productivity and minimize downtime, your business needs a proactive IT support partner like PACE Technical. We pride ourselves in offering the best-in-class proactive solutions that allow our clients to increase their productivity and enhance their overall experience with technology. To ensure that your IT Infrastructure operates optimally, that your staff can work productively from the office or remotely, and that they receive the best possible service experience available in the industry, then it is crucial that you have proactive IT services implemented.

Here is a video of our President, Michael Sugrue explaining the benefits of our Proactive CompleteCare IT Services here: https://youtu.be/z2HE4oqdWZc


Preventing IT Issues is better than only trying to solve them

Like health issues, IT problems can be diagnosed early on and caught through proactive management. If your business is managing technology in a purely reactive way, then you are leaving the door open for a host of long-term problems. Being proactive will enable you to discover signs of potentially serious problems and then the necessary actions can be taken to reduce the risk that they pose. If you believe that your business is not receiving the level of service it deserves to optimize growth, outperform competitors, and enhance your user experience, then it is time to consider a more proactive solution.



By investing in Proactive IT, you will improve your overall business performance, fuel growth, outperform your competitors and enhance your end user experience. Your business will have fewer issues and experience less downtime since strategy and planning will be a vital part of your service. Cyber protection will almost never become a major issue for your business since you will have enhanced cybersecurity out in place with additional ongoing training and awareness programs for all your end users. You will also have a faster and more productive experience with daily business tasks since efficiency will be improved – not to mention reliable and timely support when you need it the most. And lastly, your business will be saving money since monthly costs will now be more predictable from better budgeting, planning and management. PACE Technical has helped many companies in the GTA just like your business to enhance their experience with technology by implementing proactive IT solutions. We work with companies in industries such as but not limited to Insurance, Legal, Manufacturing, Engineering and Construction to help make their lives hassle free when it comes to their IT. Book a free consultation here with us today to see if your business is a fit for our CompleteCare IT solutions.


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