7 Crucial Reasons To Outsource Your Cybersecurity To An IT Provider in Toronto

If you are a GTA business owner, then cybersecurity Toronto services are a necessary asset to keep your business protected against today’s cyber threats. However, many small and medium sized businesses cannot afford to employ an entire team of engineers, analysts, or cyber specialists to ensure that their business has a robust security posture. For this reason, many SMBs turn to the expertise of a managed IT service provider in Toronto, in place of an in-house cyber team.

If you believe that a complete cyber security solution sounds expensive and out of reach for your Toronto business, then think again. There are affordable cyber solutions for every business size and industry, in fact a survey conducted by Deloitte reported that 99% of businesses have some type of outsourced cyber solution in place.

Leveraging a Managed IT service provider for your cybersecurity needs is a cost-conscious option that will enable your business to save time and money all while covering the gaps and challenges that you may face doing it all in-house.

Here are 7 tips and benefits of outsourcing your cybersecurity to an IT company in Toronto.

1. Cost Effectiveness

IT decision makers constantly think about the cost of cybersecurity, and it is a major deciding factor when it comes to whether they consider outsourcing. Since security as a service is at the forefront of technology, cyber experts are in great demand. The cost to employ a full-time cyber expert vs. employing an IT service provider with cybersecurity services in Toronto becomes a more realistic option since it allows a business to enjoy the all the benefits of their experience, tools, and expertise without having to splurge on hiring only one expert or an entire in-house team.

2. Trusted Expertise

Some industries are more intricate than others and require more complex cybersecurity solutions like Manufacturing, Construction and Legal industries. Since cyber specialists are experts in their field, they will have the required background and knowledge that your business needs, in addition to the latest innovations, tools, and processes. An outsourced IT provider will have all the manpower and know-how when it comes to your specific industry so that you do not have to find someone that knows only the ins and out of your business. If you chose a provider like PACE Technical, we have decades of trusted industry expertise and you can feel at ease knowing that you are in good hands.

3. Better Threat Detection And Response Times

In 2021, phishing was the most common form of cyber-attacks for all small and medium sized businesses globally. A reaction time can make a huge difference in the outcome of a cyber incident, and your business can rest assured knowing that our team of professionals’ work around the clock to prevent cyber attacks from getting through in the first place.

We continually monitor your systems with industry leading tools and best practices to proactively avoid cyber mayhem. Our extra precautions and security initiatives unburden your internal employees and gives management the peace of mind that they need to assure them that their business is safe.

4. Safer Remote Environments

Many GTA businesses have a hybrid work environment. This can make managing security for each user more difficult because there is a limited level of control. PACE can adapt to your remote security needs and establish a BYOD policy to ensure that all your staff meets the necessary safety requirements to keep your business safe. We can help with the day-to-day cyber needs of your remote staff and offer guidance and support when they need it most. We also offer several options for cybersecurity training in Toronto in addition to webinars and guides for staying safe online. Check them out for free here.

5. Tighter Cyber Policies

With the constant evolution of cyber threats, tight policies are to be reviewed and enacted regularly. If these policies are not actively enforced, gaps are created and therefore cyber criminals can weasel their way into your business and wreak havoc.

Sometimes, cyber policies are created and forgotten about. No one knows who wrote it, where it is and if it is enforced. That should never the case for any business. It should be actively utilized so that it keeps up with the ever-changing cyber landscape. It should also be adaptable to any potential new threats that arise.

Our cyber specialists can assess any scenario, and continuously tailor policies to keep up with new concerns, keeping your infrastructure safe and compliant.

6. Better Tools & Innovations 

Cybersecurity experts keep up with the latest technology, practices and tools available in the industry. Since they can stay laser focused on key initiatives, they proactively review, test, and implement more efficient tools that are best suited for your GTA business. We have an excellent resource on the complete cyber essentials every business needs which we discuss in our webinar here.

7. More Time To Run Your Business

No business wants to waste countless hours reacting to issues and putting out IT fires. At PACE, our team of experts allow you to put your energy towards the “big picture” priorities while we focus on the long-term cyber strategies and projects.

Considerations For Outsourcing Your Cybersecurity

Here are 7 things you need to consider before you hire an outsourced cybersecurity solution for your Toronto business.

  • Qualifications: What are their certifications? Does their manpower have the necessary training and skill to offer you the best possible cyber protection?
  • Testimonials: Can their current or past clients speak about their own experience, and would they recommend them to other businesses in the GTA?
  • Price: Find out the upfront and/or ongoing costs associated with each service, do they align with your budget? Do they require a formal service agreement?
  • Accessibility: What times do they operate and when can your employees access their services? (Business hours, weekdays, weekends, holidays etc.)
  • Proficiency: Can they provide you with industry specific solutions? Will their knowledge and skillsets help your business and its employees?
  • Service requirements: Do they offer a service level agreement (SLA) to guarantee performance requirements and accountability?
  • Practice: how long have they been in operation, and do they have a good track record?

Outsource All Your Cyber Needs To The Toronto Cyber Experts

As we all know, cyber threats can cause the demise of any establishment, and the cost of downtime can leave your business without any continuity of services. Every business deserves an experienced, capable provider that can deliver proactive network security monitoring, intrusion detection, threat management, and employee training to ensure that you are fully covered.

We know that searching for the right fit for an outsourced cybersecurity service can be daunting. Your business needs a certified, process-driven IT service provider like PACE Technical. We specialize in cybersecurity services in Toronto such as:

  • Cybersecurity Audit & Reporting
  • Managed IT Support
  • Incident Response
  • IT Compliance
  • Ongoing Cybersecurity training and guides for your users
  • Webinars on all the latest cybersecurity defenses and strategies
  • Cybersecurity consulting and strategy

As an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company, process and procedure is at the core of everything we do. We understand the security intricacies and compliance needs of all types of businesses and our competitively priced, award-winning IT services in Toronto can protect your business from all known types of cyber threats. Are you ready for proactive measures to support your technology needs, ease your mind and help your business focus on its main functions?

Then, contact us today to find out how we can help!

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