9 Secret Google Search Tricks to Impress Your Coworkers

thumb_ccb4e23c8aa216f1e96d31ab209c036bThe Internet is without a doubt the largest collection of information humanity has ever seen. The trick is getting the information you want quickly. That’s where search engines come in, and no search engine has received more recognition than Google. These 10 tricks will help you master your Google searches like a pro and get you to the information you seek faster, and you might be able to impress a colleague or two.

Use Google as a Dictionary

Sure, there are plenty of dictionary and thesaurus resources on the web, but Google makes things quick and simple with just a quick define command. Type in define:router and Google will bring up the definition of the word as well as pronunciation and resources for more information.

Use Google as a Calculator

If you need a quick equation solved in a pinch, Google makes a fantastic calculator. Simply type the equation into the search field and Google will give you an answer. For example, type in 4096*64 or 5*9+(sqrt 10)^3=. Don’t you wish you had Google and a fancy smart phone back in high school algebra?

Package Tracking

If you are tracking a delivery, you can type in the UPS, Fedex, or USPS tracking number into Google and Google will point you to links to get details about your package.

Convert Currencies

This trick is extremely handy when making purchases online on sites that use other currencies. Type in your request like 150 GBP to USD and Google will give you a handy conversion calculator as well as a graph showing past metrics about the conversion.

Local Search

If you want to find a particular business in your local area, simply type in a category or keyword followed by the zip/postal code, and Google will give you addresses, phone numbers, ratings, and links to directions. Try categories like italian food, parks, coffee, Want movie listings? Try using the word movies followed by your zip/postal code to get what’s playing and when.

Unit Conversions

Ever wonder how many centimeters are in a mile or how many pecks there are in a liter? Type in a query like 10.5 cm in inches and Google will do the calculation for you. Everything from temperature conversions, measurements, and even time (for a real distraction, figure out your age in minutes!).

Get the Current Time

Things can get pretty tricky when working in multiple time zones. If you want to quickly check the current time in a particular city, simply enter time followed by the city name.

Looking for Comparable Products or Services? Try Better Than

Tap into the wise advice of the masses by searching for (in quotes) “better than _____” The results will lead you to discover alternative products and services.

Google Timeline

Want to see a historical chronological list of relevant content about your search? Do a regular Google search, and below on the left is a Timeline link. This will display a graph representing Google’s known timeline for that particular word or term. For example, searching for computer and bringing up the timeline brings up an article from the New York Times from 1946, a book in 1981, and pages upon pages of news and other resources.

How Do YOU Google?

Got a tip or trick? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

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