Cloud Services Toronto: Maximizing the Advantages of the Cloud for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

Nearly every business in North America is using the cloud on a daily basis – even if they don’t realize it! From the cloud services of online banking to cloud-based applications like Facebook and Twitter, modern business is becoming more cloud friendly every year.

Cloud Services Toronto

Having said that, those who offer cloud services Toronto tell us that many businesses still have a fearful view of the cloud.

While startups are quickly embracing the power, flexibility, and scalability of working in the cloud, some of their more established competitors are stubbornly resisting the transition to cloud computing. This is due to several factors:

  • Many of the in-house technology management professionals of established businesses like the in-house tech model as opposed to the cloud because it is something that they can physically touch and control. This gives a feeling of security that isn’t necessarily rooted in reality.
  • Other in-house technology management professionals are wary of the shared security responsibility represented by cloud-based applications and backup. They are confident in their own security abilities, but they are wary of allowing other professionals into the responsibility

Although the feelings involved in both of the above points are valid, the arguments themselves do not make for a safer technology environment for your company. Those who have been involved with cloud services Toronto from the beginning understand that in our economy cloud computing becomes necessary to meet demand and to support business growth.

The fact is that companies just like yours are now abandoning expensive, aging, in-house infrastructure in favor of the competitive edge and advantages derived from cloud technology:

  • Operating expense capital expense
  • Better physical security
  • More robust Cyber-security
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Data Encryption
  • Easy and Secure Deployment of New Applications
  • Access from multiple devices and locations
  • Lower overall IT costs
  • And much more…

Yes, cloud computing faces many, if not most, of the threats that are encountered by in-house servers and networks. The essential difference is that because of the way that cloud-based technology is built, it is better equipped to handle the threats and to thwart the attacks.

The question then for a business owner like you is, “How do I maximize the value of cloud computing and cloud security in my business?”

The answer comes in three segments:

  1. Leverage the built-in security protections and protocols from your cloud provider.
  2. Train and educate your staff on security protocols and precautions.
  3. Make use of dedicated technology professionals.

Some businesses still use in-house IT professionals, while others employ a mix of in-house and remote management. Still others have passed off all of their tech headaches and stresses to a managed service provider like {company}.

Choosing {company} to supply your GTA business with cloud services Toronto is a great choice! We truly are the best at what we do. Give us a call today at {phone} or email us at {email}. We can show you what cloud services will work well for you and help you formulate an easy-to-implement plan.

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