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Stuck with ailing construction software that was slowing production because of issues like computers going down in various departments, Solmar Development Corporation was still hesitant to break away from the IT company they’d been using for nearly 20 years. They were concerned that another IT company wouldn’t understand their construction software and were hesitant to spend money trying to fix the problem.

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Solmar Development Corporation, headquartered in Concord, Canada, is an industry leader who has been designing and constructing exceptional condominium and single-family communities, as well as commercial properties, in select top-quality locations for the past 25 years.


Solmar’s computer support up until this point was provided by the same company that installed their construction software. Not only was this service hands-off and reactive in nature, there was virtually no ongoing systems maintenance. The fact that no strategy or planning was in place meant their preventative maintenance was also non-existent. Solmar was experiencing frequent IT issues on a daily basis including lackluster network and Internet performance. Even their construction software was riddled with problems. Solmar was hesitant to change vendors out of concern that a different one wouldn’t understand their current software or be able to fix their issues.


Solmar chose PACE because they wanted a more process-driven solution that was both proactive and structured. The PACE strategy aligned with Solmar’s goal of eliminating their IT issues for good so they could focus on their own construction business. This was accomplished by providing their employees with the tools they need to be as efficient and productive as possible.

When our PACE CompleteCare Managed Support service was implemented, our auditing and onboarding process identified and eliminated numerous problematic networking issues. Our next step was to provide a roadmap outlining our strategy of dealing with the neglected infrastructure with the goal of tackling their underlying issues.

Using the Sophos suite of security products, we implemented managed anti-virus, managed firewall and managed backup/disaster recovery solutions which provided protection in the event of a disaster situation by strengthening their security. We then began an execution of regular proactive management that is based on industry-leading best practices to ensure that their network and systems continued to work seamlessly and efficiently with each other.


Today, Solmar is wondering why it took them so long to change IT companies and why they were so hesitant to spend more money on their IT support. For more than five years, PACE has been providing them with superior IT support services that focus on being proactive so their network is never in jeopardy. Giuseppe Paolicelli, General Manager for Solmar, noted, “I don’t have people complaining that their computer’s not working or something’s not working. If there’s a problem, it gets dealt with right away…It doesn’t matter when it is.” He added that not having to think about Solmar’s IT issues any longer is huge for him because it eliminates any headaches.

In addition to having better control of their IT costs, Solmar experiences 70 percent fewer issues, better security, a viable disaster plan and more structured IT support. They also have a long-term plan of where their IT systems are going so Solmar is better positioned to meet their goals. As Giuseppe Paolicelli said, “PACE’s model…is to make sure that nothing goes down so they don’t have to waste their time fixing things…” Instead, PACE is proactive and constantly “works on improving and making sure there are no issues.”

Focusing on helping small businesses thrive in this computer-centric era, PACE Technical Services is an ISO certified leader in the Toronto area. We strive to provide solutions that make IT less complicated and more responsive to our clients’ needs.

Download the PDF version of this case study.  CLICK HERE.

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