Microsoft Data Centers Coming Near You

Microsoft is establishing two datacenters in Canada near Q2 of 2016, this is good news to Canadian customers who are concerned with data sovereignty and the access to their data that is being governed by another country’s laws.

Canadian Data Centres

Microsoft’s new Canadian cloud regions will deliver a preview of Azure’s cloud services. This will allow businesses to run enterprise-ready services within the cloud to enable scalability and storage services – your Canadian business will thrive with the manageability and security of the cloud.

Reach for higher-success with highly-scalable global cloud platform solutions. Contact {company} at {phone} or send us an email: {email} to learn more on how we will seamlessly migrate your operations to the new Canadian datacenters.

The two new datacenters, being located to Toronto and Quebec City, will be part of Microsoft’s plans for six new regions. Most businesses steer clear of cloud-based solutions due to the “unknown” but with this big move, your business can evolve and use the cloud to your advantage. Small to medium businesses are slowly starting to wean towards cloud-based solutions, and if you haven’t already then you should.

Microsoft plans to first launch Azure followed by Office 365, and Dynamics CRM Online.

Your small to medium business can take advantage of:

  • Enterprise-grade reliability,
  • Increased efficiencies,
  • 9% high-availability,
  • In-country residency,
  • Increased performance and
  • Data replication and storage within your own country.


With 99.9% availability, your business will benefit from reduced to eliminated downtimes, eliminated costs of hardware and software and pricey in-house IT staff. Your data will remain protected with industry-leading security, scalability, flexibility and control to evolve your operations and let you stand out.

{company} will help your business migrate to the Canadian datacenters so you can take advantage of regulatory-compliant services that offer high-security and cost-savings within your country.

Contact us at {phone} or send us an email: {email} to learn more on how your small to medium business can benefit from migrating to the cloud today.


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