Toronto’s Dynamic Economy Needs the Best Business Phone Service Providers

Business TelephonesToronto is the leading player in the Canadian economy.  According to InvestToronto, forty percent of the country’s business headquarters are based in the city and it’s home to more than 76,000 businesses.

The city has one of the most diverse economies in North America.  More than 80 organizations have an annual turnover of more than $1 billion, yet around 86 percent of Toronto companies are small or medium businesses. That diversity gives Toronto businesses a great source of local suppliers and partners.

Communications matter

So, it’s no surprise that high-quality communications from the best business phone service providers are important to Toronto’s economy. Successful businesses rely on their phone systems to provide quality service to prospects and customers and maintain communication with suppliers. They also need phone services that help them improve productivity, efficiency and collaboration throughout the business.

They expect business phone systems to be reliable, provide them with advanced communication services and save them money. And, with more than $70 billion of goods and services exported annually, Toronto companies need access to low-cost long-distance call services.

Internet business phone systems like VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) meet all of those requirements with options to suit the budget and operational needs of enterprises and small firms.

Advice and guidance essential

BroadConnect Telecom is one of the business phone service providers working with local companies to help them meet their communication challenges. The company has its headquarters in Toronto and understands the needs of this dynamic business community.

With so many different service options available, it’s important for businesses to obtain professional advice and guidance on the most suitable phone systems for current and future needs.

For a small business, a virtual PBX (Private Branch Exchange) delivers a professional call handling service that provides an immediate boost to customer service. A hosted PBX service lets growing small and medium businesses enjoy the cost and efficiency benefits of Internet telephony without the capital or operating costs of managing a system on the premises. Larger enterprises need the full features of a system like VoIP or Unified Communications to run their operations efficiently.

Our advisers can explain the features and services available in different packages and develop solutions tailored to different business needs.

Hosted services take the burden

Many Toronto companies have turned to hosted communication solutions to focus on running their business rather than managing a phone system. Service providers like BroadConnect Telecom operate the essential infrastructure in secure data centers, delivering services to customers from the cloud.

The monthly service fee also covers maintenance and upgrades, saving businesses both capital and operating costs. And, Toronto companies get access to BroadConnect’s highly-secure private Internet network that connects businesses across Canada and beyond.

Security is critical

Security is important to all businesses, but particularly to Toronto’s booming financial services sector, which boasts the largest natural resources stock exchange in the world and the third largest aggregate stock exchange in North America. BroadConnect’s private Internet network provides levels of security that are much higher than those travelling on the public Internet.

Choose the best

This dynamic business community needs the best phone system providers to maintain and grow its competitive advantage. BroadConnect Telecom is proud to support Toronto business.

Find out more about Broadcom Telecom. Call {phone} or email us at {email} to learn more or schedule an assessment of your current phone service.

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