5 Tips to Keep in Mind When Building Success

thumb_0ef95987526970d668cbb7995fe36b10Success is what you make of it, and everybody has a different definition of what success is. Whether your goals are to revolutionize your industry or simply earn enough to provide for yourself and your family, building success is a step by step process.

You’re Only Human – It’s finally happening. Your business gains momentum with every client and new lead. This will inevitably lead to a point where you feel you have to be superhuman. Keep in mind, there will come a point when the quality of your work will be compromised. Know your limits — and the limits of those around you.

Eyes on the Prize – There is a reason that most companies have mission statements or core values. An expanding business has some element of chaos. As you grow, you will be entering unfamiliar territory. It’s always nice to have a goal, mission or code that you can fall back on when the process becomes fuzzy.

Keep Up with the Jones’ – You’re at a luncheon, chatting with a competitor and a potential client of yours – one who was ready to sign. Out of no where, your competitor mentions new technologies or studies, related to your business. Even if the subject doesn’t apply to that client, you’d still better be able to respond. Knowledge is power and business is a competition. Don’t lose customers because you didn’t bother to read up on what is new in your field.

Office Chemistry – Small and medium businesses need to have a workforce that matches both the company and other employees. When hiring someone, there is more to think about than their qualifications. Asking yourself ‘Can they do the job well?’ is important, but when considering the candidate, remember you’re going to be spending at least 8 hours a day with this person.

Loyal Reciprocity – Whether you have 2 employees, 200 employees or 2000 employees, you need to give them a reason to work hard for you. In short, promote from within whenever possible. Internal mobility gives your troops reason to march. Not hiring an outsider to command your troops, gives them a reason not to mutiny.

Success is earned. There is no magic formula that will guarantee your business will take itself off the ground.

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