Microsoft Upgrades SkyDrive to OneDrive

b2ap3_thumbnail_skydrive_is_now_onedrive_400Microsoft has made significant upgrades to SkyDrive. In fact, the upgrades are such a big deal that Microsoft is rebranding their data hosting service as OneDrive. Microsoft is calling it OneDrive because it’s the “one place for your photos, videos, documents, and files across all your devices.”

Microsoft is making a big to-do with their launch of OneDrive, which includes a slick new video meant to inspire you to use the product.

With OneDrive, there’s no need to uninstall SkyDrive or install OneDrive. Microsoft customers that have an active account with SkyDrive will be able to seamlessly transition to OneDrive with an automatic update.

A SkyDrive user logging onto their new OneDrive account will notice three significant upgrades:

  1. A user can view and share videos in the same way as photos.
  2. Camera roll backup for Android is now automatic.
  3. The ability to co-author Office documents in real time with Office Web apps.

OneDrive also gives users more chances to earn free storage space. Signing up for OneDrive comes with 7GB of space for free, and 500MB is given for every friend that’s invited to OneDrive and accepts the invitation (up to 10 friends). Additionally, 3GB is given if a camera’s backup feature is synced with OneDrive. When all of these bonuses are added up, you’re looking at 15GB of free storage space on OneDrive. Not too shabby.

Another advantage of OneDrive is that it’s available across every major platform and it comes installed on the latest versions of Windows, Windows Phone, Office, and Xbox. Also, instead of having to manually upload your content, OneDrive gives you the option to have your files automatically load so that they can be easily shared across all of your different devices.

With OneDrive on Xbox, you can easily share your gameplay footage or post it online. Better yet, OneDrive for Office can increase the productivity of your business, allowing employees to simultaneously view and edit an Office document with any device connected to the Internet. OneDrive is also a great solution for file sharing, giving your organization an easy way to go mobile!

If you want to know more about Microsoft OneDrive, like if it’s right for your business and what it will take to equip your company with it, then call PACE Technical Services at 905.763.7896.

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