The Benefits of a Simplified Communication Solution from VoIP

b2ap3_thumbnail_benefits_of_voip_400Simplifying a complicated procedure is a sure way to get ahead. An enterprise’s communication system can be extremely complicated with everything a business needs out of it. Voice over Internet Protocol, aka VoIP, is a solution that can simplify your entire communications system. Simplifying something major like communication will benefit your business in many ways.

VoIP is Your Unified Communications Solution
The way that VoIP makes operations easier is by providing an organization with a hosted unified communications service for all of its communication needs. A typical VoIP plan will include communication solutions like feature-rich phone service, instant messaging, virtual fax, email, video and teleconferencing, and more. Without a unified solution like VoIP, a business would have to pay for each one these services and manage them separately.

One Bill for Many Communication Tools
By combining all of these tools with VoIP, you’re able to simplify your operations with one bill, which will be significantly less than paying for each service individually. For example, VoIP can save you up to 80% on your long distance phone bill compared to traditional plans. The more communication services that you take advantage of with VoIP will increase the savings in regards to your company’s operating budget.

Communication Freedom via Your Internet Connection
Simplifying everything like this may sound too good to be true, but this is possible because VoIP takes advantage of your Internet connection in order to provide you with all of these services. With VoIP, your company’s phone service is provided through the Internet, making it possible to get rid of your outdated phone lines.

One big advantage that comes with using the Internet for your phone needs is that it’s easy to add dozens of phone features to your VoIP service. This includes useful phone features like call forwarding, caller ID, call waiting, and much more. The VoIP difference is that many of these services come with the VoIP plan, whereas the traditional phone companies love to charge a la carte for each one of these services that you need, and even for the ones you don’t.

The Internet also eliminates long distance phone charges. The same technology that allows you to visit websites around the world without racking up long distance fees, allowing you to make long distance phone calls around the globe from an IP-enabled phone for no extra charge. For example, if a business trip takes you to a different continent and you need to touch base with headquarters, then all you have to do is connect your VoIP phone to the Internet and you can easily call anybody back home. In fact, while soaking up the sun on the other side of the world; you can even connect with everybody back home with tele and video conferencing from VoIP.

Simplification Improves Collaboration
Simplifying your company’s communication expenses will provide you with instant savings on your telecommunications bill, but there are more ways that VoIP can benefit your business that go beyond measurable savings. The biggest advantage that comes with implementing a unified communications solution like VoIP is that you will see increased collaboration across your entire company!

It’s difficult to put a price on collaboration because its effects are far reaching. A better communication solution will unite your team in new ways, and provide your customers with more avenues to connect with your company. By giving your customers additional options to connect with your business, you will be able to expand your reach and give your customer base the impression that you care about their needs. Connecting with your customers will translate to increased sales and an offering that’s more in line with what they’re looking for.

A communications solution like VoIP can take your business to the next level by saving you money on your phone bills, giving your company the communication tools you need to succeed, and improving collaboration across your entire business. All of these benefits and more are made possible thanks to VoIP’s ability to simplify your company’s communication platform. To take advantage of the simple benefits of VoIP for your business, give PACE Technical Services a call at 905.763.7896.

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