How Good is Your Technologese?

b2ap3_thumbnail_vendhead400Have you ever talked with an IT technician about how technology works, and one minute into their explanation you zone out and can’t understand a word they’re saying? They’re speaking English, you recognize the words, yet you can’t make sense of anything. In situations like this, you need an interpreter that speaks technologese, we can help.

At PACE Technical Services, making sure you have a great customer service experience means that we go out of our way to break down complex technology concepts and explain things so that you can understand them, without being condescending. You shouldn’t have to grasp all the technicalities about how a workstation does what it does, that’s our job, leave the details to us.

You are an expert in your own industry. If we asked you to explain to us what you do for a living, you would be able to go into great details about your business and leave us behind in the dust. The best experts are the ones that are so passionate about what they do, they will take the time to break the topic down and explain it in such a way that their audience will grasp it. We will even go so far as to say that true experts are also good teachers.

Because PACE Technical Services specializes in offering you great customer service, we take the extra time to teach these complex technology concepts to you. Not every company in the IT industry is as committed to taking this extra time to teach technology to their customers. For example, IT vendors are typically a group that will expect you to know your stuff when you call them for help. Calling a technology manufacturer for assistance with a repair may take longer than you would expect if you don’t speak technologese. To complicate matters further, many IT vendors will outsource their customer service to a foreign country, which only worsens an already difficult communication situation.

To their credit, IT vendors are extremely knowledgeable at what they do, but the reason you may not experience teachable, patient, or even coherent customer service from an IT vendor is because they may not feel obligated to take the extra time for quality customer service. With an IT vendor, you only contact them when your technology breaks, it’s not like they have a working relationship with you like we do. Because we have a partnership with you, we take the time to interpret technologese for you.

One way that PACE Technical Services provides you with great customer service is by dealing with IT vendors on your behalf. We call this our IT vendor management service, and the way it works is, if a technology in your office breaks that we don’t cover, like a copy machine or your phone system, we will be the ones to call the vendor and take care of it quickly by speaking technologese to them. This will save you the headache of miscommunicating with an IT vendor over the phone, and be one less time-consuming item on your to-do list.

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