The Danger of Easy Network Security

b2ap3_thumbnail_securitee400When your network’s security is doing its job and keeping your business safe, it’s easy to not think about it because you don’t feel the heat from any threats. Just because you’re not feeling the heat, however, doesn’t mean you’re out of the kitchen. Even if you enjoy strong security, you will still need to perform regular security maintenances.

Is Security too Easy?
Performing security maintenances on your network is so easy that even a computer novice can do them. Tasks like performing virus scans, updating your antivirus software, downloading and installing security patches, and updating permissions for access points, all play a vital role in keeping your network safe. If you slack on any of these responsibilities, then you are putting your company’s sensitive information at serious risk.

It may seem strange to look at network security in this light, but because security maintenances are easy to do, and because you don’t feel the stress from threats if your security is doing its job, then you may be in danger of putting off your maintenance responsibilities, thus, putting your system at risk. For many of us, being human means that we will put off tasks that are easy and tedious (like security maintenance), especially if we lack a sense of urgency because we don’t perceive the threats to be real. This lack of enthusiasm to perform easy maintenances will make it easy to put off carrying out your security responsibilities if you come across something else that feels more urgent.

The Temptation to Cut Corners
A common scenario of network security being dangerously easy is when a business has a fast approaching deadline that requires everybody to pitch in, even the employee responsible for performing security upgrades. By diverting your human resources in this manner, you will be able to get your important project done quicker, but it will be at the cost of keeping your network security up-to-date.

The reason it’s so urgent to stay on top of maintenances like installing security patches is because they are time-sensitive. There are new viruses hitting the web every day that are designed to take advantage of your system’s vulnerabilities. Software designers work hard to stay on top of the latest threats by creating security patches. They will then release these patches as quickly as possible to protect users from these new threats.

Do Your Due Diligence
The longer you put off installing the latest security patches will increase the risk of your network getting hit with a virus that could have been easily prevented. When your network is devastated by a virus, then your seemingly-important project deadline (the one you diverted resources to meet) is now the least of your worries. It may seem like a mindless and boring job to regularly go down your security checklist, but if you don’t do your due diligence, then you will be the one blamed for a security breach that could have disastrous consequences for your company. How’s that for motivation?

Of course, if you do lack the motivation to do required security maintenances, or if your business is busy and you would rather divert human resources to work on projects that generate revenue, then call PACE Technical Services at 905.763.7896 and talk to us about outsourcing these maintenances with our managed IT services. With our remote monitoring and maintenance tools, we are able to keep your network secure and up-to-date by carrying out the required security practices from our end. This way, you will never again put your system at risk by neglecting to do something easy.

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