Microsoft Claims Xbox One is a “Justifiable Business Expense”

b2ap3_thumbnail_xboxone400Seriously. In a recent blog post, Microsoft makes the case that the upcoming Xbox One is more than a gaming console; it’s actually a powerful business tool. The way Microsoft sees things, the $499 Xbox One is “entirely justifiable as a business expense.” Before you laugh, consider the business friendly features of the Xbox One.

Using the camera that comes with the Kinect device, a business can use the Xbox One to video conference with clients and each other. This is a good way to keep everyone connected and save money when it comes to international and long distance phone calls. Many employees already use their workstations to Skype with each other; therefore, it would not make sense to buy an Xbox One for every employee–even though that would make you a very popular boss. An Xbox One in the conference room setup for video conferences would be a handy tool, just make sure it sits next to the projector.

If you are looking for a presentation solution that can be easily switched over to a game of Call of Duty when the presentation is over, then look no further than the Xbox One. Microsoft has integrated SkyDrive support with Xbox One, which they claim is a great place to store your presentation. You can then use Internet Explorer on the Xbox One to display your presentation using Office Web Apps. While this is not the most convenient way to give a presentation, it is an excuse to buy an Xbox One.

Web Apps
You can also use the Xbox One’s web browser to use all the Web Apps by Microsoft. Businesses that have grown dependent upon these Apps would especially benefit with this Xbox One feature. Microsoft is also promising that they will develop special business applications in the future that will utilize the Xbox One’s unique capabilities. One can only dream what these business specific Xbox apps would like. We are voting for a simulated game that turns your office into a zombie wasteland. If you too have a great idea for a game…err business app, then you can communicate your idea to Microsoft at

Wi-Fi Direct
Microsoft says that the Xbox One’s Wi-Fi Direct feature can be used to enhance your business presentation. Here’s how it works, “Send your presentation to the TV, use Smartglass to navigate through the PowerPoint presentation, use your tablet to control Internet Explorer.” When it comes to this feature, it might be easier to stick with the PC and a wireless mouse.

You make one compelling argument Microsoft. We are all on board at PACE Technical Services. While you might be able to write off an Xbox One as a business expense, you will be hard pressed to justify writing off games and accessories on your taxes. If you have any good ideas how we can write off Call of Duty as a business expense, then share with us your logic in the comments!

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