Don’t Be a Hacking Target

b2ap3_thumbnail_Hacking400What do hackers look for when choosing a victim? While there are hackers out there that specialize in targeting high-profile companies and executives (a hacking method call whaling), most hackers do a broad sweep of the Internet and choose the easiest targets. If your company has weak network security, then you have a target on your back.

Hackers tend to operate under the low-hanging fruit principle. A fruit tree has fruit on every branch. The best fruit is up high because the top of the tree gets more sunlight. Hackers are lazy fruit pickers. They will generally only go after the low-hanging fruit because it is easier. Hackers will even forage on the ground and sift through the rotten fruit (those with little-to-no security) before setting up the ladder and going after the good stuff up high (well-protected businesses).

The assumption that we are trying to address is that many small to medium-sized businesses think that just because they are small, that means that they a not an attractive target for hackers. Therefore, why invest extra money into security? Surely a hacker would go after a giant corporation before they would go after you, right? If you are using old software, and you haven’t performed an update in forever, and you are operating on the most basic security settings, then a hacker will prefer to go after you over a well-protected corporation with deep pockets any day.

Even if your company has little funds to steal, that does not mean that a hacker could not make off with sensitive data that will lead them to greener pastures. Hackers may stink at fruit picking, but they are experts at going through the stolen bushel and finding valuable pieces. If a hacker breaches your network and has free range, they will be able to glean data on you, your employees, and even your customers. If the information in not encrypted, and a hacker can walk away with your files, then they will essentially be able to easily hack everybody that they have information on. This is why even a small and inconspicuous company will be seen as worth the hacking effort.

The best thing that you can do to protect yourself from hackers is to position your company high up on the fruit tree. You can achieve this status by enacting the strongest security measures possible. PACE Technical Services can help you to become less of a hacking target. Give us a call at 905.763.7896 and we will assess your network and find the vulnerabilities that hackers look for. We will then suggest security solutions that will put your company at the tipsiest top of the fruit tree in order to discourage any lazy fruit-picking hacker.

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