iTwin: A Hardware Solution for File Sharing

b2ap3_thumbnail_itwin10With computing becoming increasing mobile, software companies have begun to roll out all kinds of file sharing options. There have been many of these file sharing options made available to consumers and companies alike, with most adhering to the freemium business model. Google (Drive), Apple (iCloud), and Microsoft (SkyDrive), and countless others have released file sharing and collaboration software via the cloud and while these services are great if you want to share small files like documents or playlists, when you need to share large files or a large quantity of files, these solutions quickly become expensive.

Enter iTwin and its eponymous hardware solution to file sharing. The iTwin is a state-of-the-art plug-and-play USB device that allows users to share an unlimited amount of data with any other internet-connected PC or MAC that has a USB port. At first glance, it appears to be a dual-sided USB device. When you connect it to your desktop or notebook, however, you will notice that it’s more than just your ordinary piece of portable hardware.

When you plug the device in, you’ll get a prompt for you to enter your email address so that iTwin can create a password for users to remotely disable the device. This option comes in handy if, for some reason, one of the dongles is misplaced. That’s it: the iTwin is functional and ready to use. The iTwin will appear in your operating system’s file manager as a simple file folder, much
like other pieces of portable hardware. You can then drag and drop files, or even whole drives, into the iTwin folder.

By disconnecting the back half of the iTwin (leaving the other half in the computer you want to share from) and connecting it into another computer with internet access, you set up a private file sharing solution that allows for sharing of unlimited data. The iTwin seamlessly combines file sharing with a military-grade advanced encryption standard (AES) 256-bit encryption to ensure
file security. If for some reason one half of your iTwin gets misplaced, using the aforementioned remote disable code will render the lost dongle useless, thus securing your data from being further accessed. iTwin is a private file-sharing option like nothing that is available through the pay-per month services. The company, also named iTwin, calls it a “personal cloud”.

iTwin has recently released a feature they’ve tabbed “Multi”. This feature makes it possible for more than one iTwin can be plugged into a device. This is a great private collaboration solution for team members and leaders alike.

The iTwin hardware can be found in retail stores for $99, making it a nice option for users that don’t want to take on the monthly expense of one of the cloud-based file sharing services. For more information about the best practices in file sharing, contact PACE Technical Services at 905.763.7896. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can assist you with any of your IT-related questions and help you find the right solutions to your IT issues.

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