Weekly Tip: Email Attachment Shortcut for Outlook

thumb_258ee2700b8562b5d51ebf2117179b3dChecking and replying to emails can be a drain of precious time in your day. For this week’s tip, we have a shortcut to share with you that will quickly attach a file to Microsoft Outlook; saving you the time of searching your documents in order to locate a certain file.

Attach a File to Outlook
This shortcut works best if you have already located the file you want to attach. Attaching the file to a new email is then a simple matter of right-clicking on the file icon, going to Send To, followed by Mail Recipient.

With these three easy steps, Microsoft Outlook will open a new email with the file you clicked already attached. When it comes to attaching pictures, Outlook gives you the option to resize an image before attaching it to the email. If you do not desire to edit the image, then clicking Attach will complete the attachment procedure and take you into Outlook. Once in Outlook, your cursor will be in the To: form, ready for you to insert an address from your contact list.

You will notice that Outlook has already taken the liberty to fill out a few fields, saving you even more time. The subject line will say “Emailing” along with the name of your file, and the message box will include a general line about checking an attachment for viruses. If you are happy with these automated forms, then you can click Send and be done. Or you can take time to personalize the email and fill out your own title and text.

With this shortcut, you can potentially create and send an email with an attachment in less than 10 seconds. By incorporating this tip along with other time saving shortcuts, you will begin to see noticeable chunks of time freed up to get more done. Join us next week as we show you another tip to enhance office productivity!

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