10 Cybersecurity Awareness Tips

Honouring National Cybersecurity Awareness Month with 10 Tips

We live in a world where one click can cost your business thousands, and even millions of dollars. Ideally, everyone in your business should be engaged in ongoing cybersecurity training and awareness, but in many instances of cyber breaches, the user was the root cause and had no idea how to identify cyber threats if they were exposed to one.

We have put together this list which consists of actionable to-do’s that can help anyone stay alert and safe online. There’s no better time than National Cybersecurity Awareness Month to start educating yourself and your users. Here are our top 10 cyber security tips for your users:

  1. Don’t click on direct links (in emails, text messages, etc.), especially those that are asking you to
    enter sensitive information. It is best to go directly to the source.Cybersecurity Awareness
  2. Don’t overshare on social media. These details can provide hackers with your location, ammunition
    to craft spear phishing attacks, and answers to security questions. Think before you share! Oversharing: Your Biggest Security Risk Could be You (Infographic) | Digital Guardian
  3. Don’t go “out of bounds” for communication. E.g. if you’re buying something on eBay, and the other
    party wants to negotiate via email instead of the bidding system. Online Scammers Exploit Coronavirus Outbreak – channelnews
  4. Never reuse passwords between any website or service.Why Say No To Reusing Passwords
  5. Always be skeptical of any unexpected invoice, or request to get or pay for anything by using gift
    cards.Prepaid Card Scam | AT&T Cyber Aware
  6. Never answer authentication recovery questions (e.g. What is your mother’s maiden name?) with real answers. Unfortunately, that means you will have to write down each question and answer for each website that requires them, but you will be far less likely to have your account hijacked.Why you should forget your mother's maiden name
  7. It is okay to speak to (confirm with) an email sender’s request to transfer that $30,000 by the end of the day, even if it is your boss. Better safe than sorry. How to Protect Yourself From Money Order Scams
  8. Know who to report any suspicious emails to at your workplace. Don’t delete the email – report it. Article - Reporting Spam & Phishing E...
  9. Invest in a password management tool – nobody has the time to remember all those passwords! Cloud Password Management with PAM - WALLIX

10. Be vigilant with suspicious SMS messages. Your bank will NEVER ask you to access your account from an SMS. Smishing Attack: A Growing Cyber Threat - Kratikal Blog

Do not wait until you are the next news headline or statistic. Book a Meeting with us today to start implementing the comprehensive security solutions your business deserves. We are also offering a complimentary Dark web search of your email and will give you a break down on the report when you sign up here.

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