Why is MFA So Important For Your Toronto Business?

The Importance of Multi-Factor Authentication aka MFA

These days passwords can be easily compromised. MFA increases your defenses by requiring multiple forms of verification to prove you are who you say you are when signing into business applications. It is part of a 360-approach to full cyber-security for your business. By implementing MFA throughout your entire organization, you minimize the likelihood of cyber threats and breaches. Here are 5 reasons why it is so important that your business implements MFA right now.

Identity theft is on the rise. When you turn on the news, you hear dozens of stories about businesses being attacked by cyber-criminals every day. Implementing MFA is like having an extra layer of security that gives hackers a much harder time to break into your infrastructure.MFA and Identity Theft

Threat actors are targeting small businesses. A 360 approach to cyber-security isn’t only for fortune 500 companies or fast growing start-ups. MFA is easy for any small business to implement, and regardless of the size or industry of your organization it is a necessity. MFA and Small Businesses

Stronger perimeter security. Cyber-security defenses and tools like anti-virus and firewalls are absolutely necessary, however they are only a subset of what is required to keep you safe. MFA elevates your security to the next level and makes your existing perimeter security even better.perimeter cybersecurity

Business leaders and decisions makers are targets for cyber-criminals. One successful phishing attempt can lead to the demise of your entire organization. It is important that highly privileged users are properly protected at all costs. Business reputation is one of the hardest things to get back. Once it’s tarnished, it can sometimes never be regained.Cyber whaling

MFA is Everywhere. If you haven’t already noticed, MFA is used in the majority of applications that you use right now. From social media accounts, online banking, to email platforms, MFA has been widely adopted, so implementing it into your business should be a no-brainer.MFA

If you’d like to setup MFA for your Microsoft Office 365 account, visit our step-by-step tutorial here. Want to learn more about our Managed IT Support Services in Toronto or Cloud Solutions for your business in the GTA, please reach out to us at [email protected] or book a complimentary meeting here.

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