The 4 Best Things about Remote Support

b2ap3_thumbnail_rsupport400If you’ve never taken advantage of remote support to remedy an IT problem, then you’re likely doing IT support the hard way by having a technician physically take care of every issue. While it’s always nice to chat with your friendly tech, you may be able to save yourself a whole lot of time and money by taking care of the issue with remote support.

Here are four benefits to remote support that can revolutionize how you take care of technology issues.

While it’s true that most people prefer face-to-face communication over using the phone, face time comes at a premium these days. In business, time is money. By spending the time making the arrangements to meet and having a technician travel to you is a big waste of time; especially if the problem can easily be resolved over the phone with a little guidance, or if we can directly take care of the issue with our remote IT services.

Saving Money
Not only does time equal money, but it also costs money to travel. If you’re in the habit of routinely relying on outside IT technicians come to your office to fix your technology, then you’re likely paying more for IT then you have to. This is because many IT support companies will pass on their travel expenses to you in your repair bill.

At PACE Technical Services, we include technician visits in our flat-rate service contract, which means your bill is the same every month, even if there’s more tech visits than usual. Using remote support means that we’re able to offer you this service for less, and because the issue is being resolved over the phone, we have zero traveling expenses. This allows us to pass the savings on to you!

Help the Environment
Less technician travel time means less time spent on the road. Taking advantage of remote support is a great way to save gas and put less CO2 in the air. If your business is looking to go green, and advertise your accomplishment, be sure to include “remote support” on your list of steps you’ve taken to be an Earth-friendly company.

Not Intrusive
Let’s face it, sometimes your office can be a very hectic place. The last thing you want is a technician poking around between desks and interrupting operations. We all have those days at work when everybody seems to be on edge, or the office is a mess from a big order. Technology problems only make stressful situations like these worse by adding fuel to an already stoked fire. Hey, we have these days too, and we’ve discovered that when things get crazy around the office, it’s much easier on everyone to take care of business over the phone.

These are our four favorite benefits of using remote service to handle technology problems. Of course, you don’t have to call PACE Technical Services just when your technology breaks. You can also give us a ring at 905.763.7896 if you want consultation on your technology purchases and want to know the very best way to make your technology work for your business!

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